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2014 Lincoln City Best Fantasy Football League “the nutts”

The left and right nutĀ  is now ready to rock!

Are you man enough to try to beat the mighty ITCH?

Taking applications for the 2014 left and right nutt fantasy football league! We are going to have two online draft both are going to be timed. So if your live in Washington or Ohio you have no excuse to make it. I know its always overwhelming to show up and be destroyed by the might itch every year! But i have faith that this year I will be victorious in both leagues.

IM TAKING Paypal, cash, money orders, or checks. You can send paypal to godfatherslim007@yahoo.com add 4 bucks for paypal fees. (no sense of ruining my big payout this year!) checks send to my address listed on my website: http://www.jimmyriggedcomputers.com/

also make sure you post your team name below too!

P.S. yahoo email SUCKS I respond quicker with gmail so use the email form on by business website. just search “Lincoln city computer repair” and you will see me at the top of the page, just like in fantasy football. If you like type as much smack as u can below..

also good luck, your going to need it going up against the all mighty ITCH!