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Adobe - Word press - Java Script - Ajax - Joomla - SQL - Yes you name it!

Having years of experiencing with multiaple different ways of website design and website development. Deweys Custom Web Site Design services, can put together a great looking custom website, or ANYTHING you can think of from scratch. Or if you like i can implement it into any format that the internet can offer for example word press. Don't be fooled by usually website designer out there, that all the can do is templates or themes with word press.


Having years of experiencing with multiaple different ways of website design and website development. Deweys Custom Web Site Design services, can put together a great looking custom website, or ANYTHING you can think of from scratch. Or if you like i can implement it into any format that the internet can offer for example word press. Don't be fooled by usually website designer out there, that all the can do is templates or themes with word press. All my website here are CUSTOM AND UNIQUE and well recognize with goggle yahoo an bing. Have a custom website that no one else in the world has be original! I try to utilize the best tools and technologies out there i can and do use wordpress. I can on the other hand handle any platform out there if you insists on a template or a theme i can accomplish it for you in seconds. Deweys design can also implement wordpress, coffe cup, joobla, blooger into your custom website too. Need A wordpress theme altered so it doesn't look like every ones else's website, mobile website, and mobile redirection, you name it i can do it! I'm not putting wordpree down it is a great "blogging Platform" not a buisness website. To learn more on why its important to be unique on the web, feel free to give me a call at 541-994-Surf or email me at

the best in custom website design

Can also help with browser compatablity know issues with Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Oprea, cell phones, and even other mobile devices. Hosting plans, Domain support, S.E.O., ad word campagins, proxy pings and more. All custom website come seo enriched and Analytics!

I have been servicing all of Lincoln city and the whole Oregon coast for almost two decades now! From every accepted of business development for the ground up. Networking, merchant services, custom built computers and more. I also own mulitaple hosting servers and in charge of hundreds of websites and there domain names. It not so much what you know but who you trust. Ask any one in town about myself and you will see why i have hundreds of happy clients in Lincoln city and the surrounding ares.

Will crush anybody price and also ask me about my hosting plans too.The Blog!


Yes its true I do websites for other web designers! All code supported you think it i can code it!

the best in custom website design


Over 300 clients and still counting!
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Custom Website Design

I can also setup social networks for you and your business. For example Twitter, Facebook, myspace, Linked In etc. We can set them up design them, and link them to your website and then link... That way, you can spend more time on your business and not so much on the internet. I can also setup multiple blog sites or even blogger, and link it to your site. Want to read more..

Social networking, also referred to as social media, encompasses many Internet-based tools that make it easier for you and the average person to engage, listen, interact, and also collaborate with everyone that is in the network. Social networking like Facebook, My Space, You Tube, Linked In, Twitter, blogger, etc. Wikipedia and now google, are catching on quickly!!

Here are some social networks.

My space is the leading social entertainment destination. Music, movies, celebs, TV, and games made social.

connecting you to what's most important. Follow your friends, experts, celebrities, and breaking news.

Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog.

Some More Examples

Facebook is a social networking website. Where customers and friends can love your brand/service/business/product, then they will want to be associated with you and they will want to tell the world.

Googles social network has many features like, Integration with Google Services, Friend Management, Mobile App's, Photo Tagging and more..

Wait Here's So More..

A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts.

Linked In is the world's largest professional network with over 120 million members and growing rapidly.


Custom Ideas All my sites I have done were ideas from small business owners in Lincoln City Oregon and the surrounding areas. I had them draw it out or even explain it (colors or structure) and I coded it for search engine optimization. So far no one wanted a template. I can also work with templates you find on the internet. You find it, or you imagine it and I will do my best to code it. Heres A few custom websites i've recently done. for some Lincoln City Oregon Locals. (everything on the page was photoshoped by myself.), Here's another one (She design I just coded it.) Check back monthly working on a few nice ones right now. (I believe I'M getting better at this!) click here for more info.

When it comes to full-service custom graphic design, website design, search engine optimization,website design solutions, small business website design, and web development near Lincoln city Oregon I try to think of the site and design it for the subject at hand. For example, Cougar Mountain Riders Association offered me no direction so I tried it myself. Trying to come up with ideas I thought about decals for atvs, or dirt bikes. I designed the site to resemble after-market decal packaging—repeating the logo at an angle... Click here to check it out! Click here to check it out!

One More Thing

I do run a computer repair business. Web Design is what i do for fun. I have been only design for a few months I I'm getting faster and also better at the codes. If you like you can check out what I've done so far. Will put in order from the first site down. Three of my sites in less than a month are now on the first page of goolge. Click Here To Check Them Out. I can see spyware a mile away. I can help out with hosting and domain support. You do need a computer guy that can work on hardware, networks, security, and web sites yes I do it all. If you like you can check out my computer repair site. Or just do a search for Lincoln city Oregon computer repair. I'm at the top of the first page on google, and first page on all the others. Or you can Click Here!

Here are just a few older sites check out my blog for more!

oregon-coast-vacation-rental-websiteoregon-coast-custom-website lincoln-city-sports-bar-websiteoregon-coast-insurance-website

Click on the images above for more info on that website and what the client wanted it to do and there coment on the finished product.

Contact info for Jim Dewey aka deweys desgin. you can always call me at (541) 994-Surf thats 994-7873. Please ask around about me one of the only few in the state that can code a website from notepad. And also its not so much what you know but who you can trust with your business. All my buisness's and clients have had me for a very long time and our quite impressed thanks and hope to hear from you.

fell free to email me at or simply click on the gmail icon on the right if you have a email client setup on your computer! Or call me at (541) 994-Surf

Mailing address is P.O. Box 265 Otis OR. 97367 email one email two email three

Plese note im also incharge of many business, networks, websites, etc. Im always running around and learning new ideas and tricks every day to better help you and your buisness. Being said i can be a hard guy to get a hold of sometimes exspealy when stroms hit the oregon coast, reaking havic on transformers and jepordizing networks and merchant services. I always try to get back in a timely fasion and will make room for you. If i havent returned your call fell free to call or email me again. thanks again for stopping by and hopefully we can make a website that will acomplish every thing you might need.

the best in custom website design

Here are just a few benifits of having a coustom bulit website design by!

Have your website stand out from the rest!

custom wordpress websites


Mobile websites built are compatible with all major mobile smartphone platforms, including iPhone (iOS), Android, BlackBerry, windows and redirection. Also features like click to call google/ bing maps and more.

Need a custom droid cell phone app i can code or transformer your website into a droid or iphone app too.

First off i have seen many wordpress websites start of good and than not be seen again by google, yahoo, or bing. Pleas note wordpress is a BLOG not a business site. Yes i can do wordpress i do both wordpress is usally only good if you want to sell item online and you have no idea what you are doing! also with blogger, wordpress, joomulba you are restricted cockiee cutter temepletes and themes. Have a site that is unique and original. If you like i can put together a wordpress site together from start to completed in minutes. (i have done a complete website for a friend in wordpress in less that 10 minutes and he got on the first page of google only for about a couple of months and than he was done!

Second have a website done here it will be constructed so it is search engine friendly. with the background coding of your website is done will influence your success in the search engines. And please note allto of people copy my code and i get complants all around. I have fixed other web designers site for them. I have clients all over the us and they take all the credit for it. I cant complain cause every day i code i learn new features ideas that i can use on your site.

Just like adaptability, if you have planned what you want in the future for your custom website, I will take this into consideration as I select the technologies to use while building the website.

FREE hosting SEO and more yes you heard me right! i would go into depth but that is one trick all my friends out there hasnt figured it out yet. Call me and ask me way (541) 994-Surf. If your one of those deishners out there trying to read my code good luck your going to need it! :-)

Fourth i can do anything you want or can possiably think of. I have done websites from drawings. I have clients all over the us for converting psd, pdf, dreamwever, etc. to a simple easy website that is search friendly and easy to use.

well make this short i can go on and on but i now you time is valuable. I can code anything you can think in any format at a price no one can beat. Can even offer free hosting and special extras. hopefully i will hear from you soon thanks for visting my site check out the moblie redirection on a phone, also check it out on fancy java and tell me what you think, thanks again jim.

Web hosting at a great price.

I have many different host to pick from all are earth friendly, cost effient, realable, and webfriendly.

I use what the pros use lunix host secure and fast. I also have cloud and ssd hosting plans too.

All host server can handle 256 bit ssl certifaictes for any merchants service you use.

Moblie site and redirection

I have a bunch of moblie design to pick from but can make your current website work on a cell phone too. Mobli analystics, adsence, wordpress and blogger intergation too.

Yes i can do app for google play too. I have a few out there check them out on google play on your droid cell phone. And they are custom too, hehe.

Still not sold yet ask around ask anyone!

a google review: "I own a hotel in town. Jimmy Rigged Computers does great work at very fair prices. I would reccomend Jimmy Rigged to anyone who wants their problems to be fixed once and fixed right"

a yahoo review: "yeap fixed it when no ones else could. I called around every other website designer only knows wordpress this guys know every platform out there and half the price of other designers thanks again."

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