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A benefit of having a custom designed website is having unique content. Unique content is the key for making a statement and a great placement on the web. I can utilize any form of code you desire. When I code I like to cross reference what is highly ranked so as to optimize any browser. Java is fast and responsive using various data like JSON and XML. It uses the data within the site without slowing down data traffic to the server or host. It gives the end user a better, faster, more reliable experience for a great front end. Java is used in many applications in the world today and now with HTML 5 the possibilities are endless. When using server run development you are required internet usage to view and run. JavaScript, html 5, can be usable and responsive, even when a active Internet connection is lost. For more info and help click here for the blog.

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Want to see this website in a fancy script click on the image to the right? And to return to the basic HTML site just click on the brown tab above that states "Basic HTML". This way you can see the difference between the two different scripts. Basic site's work well with SEO, but sometimes you do sacrifice higher quality visual features. If you like we can simply use both to work well with your website. Also if you would like, we can use AJAX or even Flash at Deweys Design. Give me a call and I will go over the many different formats styles and features of each code out there. Once you give me a call I will explain the concepts of website design and you will understand why my many clients utilize my services and knowledge to better enhance their existing website or creation of a new custom built website.

Please note I'm always learning the newest code the web has to offer! If there is something you see and want to utilize write the website domain name down and I will take a look at it. Unlike other so called Designers I can write code from scratch and make it tailored to your needs. Thanks again for swinging by and I do look forward to hearing from you, Jim.


JavaScript can be used to validate data in html forms before sending it off to your server.

Have a million thins going on and want to display new events and or showings have a calendar.

Slider that upload faster with better quality images or even videos. It can also Crete thumbnails and or full size resolution picture by click of the button.

Google and bing maps use's custom script to better understand where your going.

All the popular browser support and fully optimize the custom scripts at hand.

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