A lot of my sites that I have done were ideas from small business owners in Lincoln City, Oregon and the surrounding area. I had them draw it out or even explain it (colors or structure) and I coded it for search engine optimization. So far no one has wanted a template. I can also work with templates or themes that you find on the internet. You find it, or you imagine it, and I will do my best to code it. Here are a few custom websites I've recently done for some Lincoln City Oregon locals. bkmulligans.com (everything on the page was photoshopped by myself.), Here's another one wylderwebcam.com (She designed it I just coded it.) Check back monthly, working on a few nice ones right now.

I provide full-service custom graphic design, website design, search engine optimization, website design solutions, small business website design, mobile website design and web development for Lincoln City Oregon and the surrounding area. I also have a lot of websites I designed throughout the United States and some are even for Web Designer's! I try to think of your new website and design it for the subject or business trade at hand. For example, Cougar Mountain Riders Association offered me no direction so I tried it myself. Trying to come up with ideas I thought about decals for ATV's, or dirt bikes. I designed the site to resemble after-market decal packaging—repeating the logo at an angle... It was the first website I had done from scratch. Since then I have tried multiple different ways of going about putting a site together. I know my own website needs a lot of love and it is outdated. But it's hard to work on my website when I'm working on everyone else's! Like they say the Electrician house is never wired and a Plumbers house is always leaking. Any way here are a few of my older sites to the right that I'm currently working on. Check back in a week and hopefully I will have them up!

I do run a computer repair/networking business. Web Design is what I do for fun and lately I have been doing that more than computer repair. I have only been designing for a few months but coding for years! I'm getting faster and also better at the multiple different browsers out there. Seven of my most recent sites are now on the first page and the first hit on Google. I can see Spyware, Malware, and other vulnerabilities a mile away. I can help out with hosting and domain support. Today you need a computer guy that can work on hardware, networks, security, merchant services, phone lines, and web sites. Yes I do it all. If you like you can check out my computer repair site. Or just do a search for Lincoln City Oregon computer repair. I'm at the top of the first page on Google, and all the other search engines. Or if you like search all of Oregon I have been on the top now for a few months!


Here are just a few older sites check out my blog for more!

oregon-coast-vacation-rental-websiteoregon-coast-custom-website lincoln-city-sports-bar-websiteoregon-coast-insurance-website

Click on the images above for more info on that website and what the client wanted to do and their comments on the finished product.

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