Here are just a few benefits of having a coustom bulit website design by!

       Have your website stand out from the rest!

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The mobile websites that I build are compatible with all major mobile smart phone platforms, including the phone platforms: (IOS), Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Redirection.

If you need a custom Droid or iPhone cell phone app I can code or transform your website into these cell phone application's as well.

First off, while I do work with WordPress, I have seen many WordPress websites start off good and then not be seen again on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Please note WordPress is a BLOG not a business site. WordPress is only good if you want to sell items online and you have no idea what you are doing! With WordPress or Joomla you are restricted to cookie cutter templates and themes. I can put together a WordPress site from start to completed in minutes and have you up on Google shortly after that.

For the best results though, have a website designed here and it will be constructed so it is search engine friendly. When the background coding of your website is done properly it will always put you at the top of any search engine. Please note a lot of Web Designers copy my code and I get compliments all around. I have even fixed other Web Designers sites for them. I have clients all over the U.S. and they take all the credit for it. I can't complain because every day I code I learn new features and ideas that I can use on your site.

Just like adaptability, if you have planned what you want in the future for your custom website, I will take this into consideration as I select the technologies to use while building the website.

FREE hosting SEO and more. Yes you heard me right! I would go into depth but that is one trick all my friends out there haven't figured out yet. Call me and ask me (541) 994-Surf. If you're one of those designers out there trying to read my code good luck you're going to need it! :-)

I can do anything you want or can possibly think of. I have done websites from drawings. I have clients all over the U.S. for converting PSD, PDF, Dreamweaver, etc. to a simple easy website that is search friendly and easy to use.

I will make this short I can go on and on but I know your time is valuable. I can code anything you can think in any format at a price no one can beat. I can even offer free hosting and special extras. Hopefully I will hear from you soon thanks for visiting my site, thanks again Jim.

Web hosting at a great price.

I have many different hosts to pick from, all are earth friendly, cost efficient, reliable, and web friendly.

I use what the pros use Lunix host secure and fast. I also have Cloud and SSD hosting plans too.

All Host Servers can handle 256 bit SSL certificates for any merchants service you use.

Mobile website and redirection

I have a bunch of mobile design to pick from ( Click here to check out my mobile site. ) but can make your current website work on a cell phone too. Mobile Analystics, Adsence, WordPress, and blogger integration too.

Yes I can do apps for Google play also. I have a few out there check them out on Google Play on your droid cell phone. And they are custom too.

Not sold yet? ask around ask anyone!

a google review: "I own a hotel in town. Jimmy Rigged Computers does great work at very fair prices. I would reccomend Jimmy Rigged to anyone who wants their problems to be fixed once and fixed right"

a yahoo review: "yeap fixed it when no ones else could. I called around every other website designer only knows wordpress this guys know every platform out there and half the price of other designers thanks again."

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