Custom Website Design

When it comes to custom website design or website development Deweys Design can do anything you like! From a simple WordPress website, to a custom website, or even the two merged together I can do it. Yes you heard me right, you think of it and I can code it. Some of the many services I can provide is make any kind of drawing or sketch into a fully functioning custom website. I have been known to convert pdf files, word documents and even photos into functioning websites.

Need help setting up AdWords and starting a functional web campaign. Don't be fooled by other people claiming they can do AdWords and then seeing all your money gone to useless traffic. When you have a website completely built and maintained by Dewey's Design you might not need AdWords. I'm currently in charge of hundreds of custom built websites and only three of them use AdWords. And really only one out of three needed it. Why, you may ask? All of my custom built websites utilize as much SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as I can possibly throw at it! I also have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. Give me a call and see why so many Web Designers copy my code.

On the server part of things I can change primary root files to interact with other servers. SQL, server database maintenance, malware removal, table configuration, domain name transfers, registration, forwarding, and or redirection.

On the Mobile Website design side of things I can setup a custom website, an app, or both to work with your website or be redirected to another domain. We can also set your Moblie Website to work with WordPress, Joobla, Blogger, or even Facebook so you can update things while on the go.

Web design services are endless and I can go on and on about everything I can do for you and your business. Below are a few more ideas that can be accomplished with Dewey Design. Feel free to email me or call anytime at (541) 994-Surf (7873). Thanks again for the visit, Jim!

Some of the many services offered

I have a bunch of mobile designs to pick from but you can make your current website work on a cell phone too with Mobile analytics, AdSence, WordPress and blogger intergation too.

Yes I can do apps for Google Play too. I have a few out there check them out on Google Play on your Droid cell phone. They are custom too.

If you want a strong presence on Google I can make that happen with or without a Website.

Have traffic with Bing and utilize Bing maps to get you better placement. While you look into that, check out the reviews on Deweys Design.

Social Networking Services

Facebook is a social networking website. Where customers and friends can find your brand/service/business/product, and then want to be associated with you and want to tell the world.

Googles social network has many features like, Integration with Google Services, Friend Management, Mobile App's, Photo Tagging and more.

Myspace is the leading social entertainment destination. Music, movies, celebs, TV, and games made social. Follow your friends, experts, celebrities, and breaking news.

The fastest, simplest way to "tweet" to stay close to everything you care about.

Wait Here's So More..

Want your website to stick out and also work fast, efficiently, and reliably try out some Java. We can tailor it to flow well with your custom site.

I have many different hosts to pick from and all are earth friendly, cost efficient, reliable, and web friendly. Now, all host servers are green and energy efficient!

I use what the pros use Lunix its hosting is secure and fast. I also have Cloud and SSD hosting plans too. I can even convert, backup, or restore one SQL server database to another.

Some more of the many Services offered:

  • Complete custom website user interface.
  • Monthly maintance services
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Content Writing (Please note he didn't write my site!)
  • Google Friendly Link Building
  • Facebook Page Creation and Management
  • Twitter Page Creation and Management
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Moblie website design Click here to check out my mobile site.
  • Internet placement service
  • Email support and more, You NAME IT I can do it!

 The list above does not include everything we can do (Just a fraction!). We can create a tailor made online marketing strategy just for you, so contact us today for a free consultation. Remember, you think of it, I can most likely accomplish it. Make sure you check out my Blog for more information on custom website designs for lincoln county.

Feel free to call anytime 994-Surf, and we can go over the beneifits and also the disavantages of the muitle differnet
platforms on the web today ( for example wordpress, dreamweaver, webtools, blogger, joolumba, coffee cup, etc.) Anything you
want to use i can completely code it and have it work in the different resoutions and browser on the net today!
Hope to talk to you soon, Jim

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