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This page consist of custom websites that I have done. I try to give you a option at least two. These are the ones that are left over. Also some websites ideas that are for sale. I have done allot of websites in the last few months. I feel that I getting closer to mastering web design. I do have a marketing expert that can help you out with online sales. His contact info is here and tell him Jim sent you. This page will give you idea's so you can put me to the test. When it comes to placement on google and A custom design that you image, give me a call.. 541-994-SURF (541)994-7873, thanks for stopping by. Make sure you check out my Blog if you got some time!

oregon coast custom website designs

OK Ideas

It's hard think to do you have to have a idea no one else has and something someone will always remember!
So first thing what is it you are all about "subject"
Here is A example, Pirate theme....

click on the pic to check it out.

lincoln city better web placement
oregon coast web placement.
lincoln city oregon web design
lincoln county and the oregon coast

Also look at the menu bar not your typical menu. Can you figure out the background look closely. Last having images over A slider WOW. Email me call me what ever it takes I will try to make it happen. The hardest thing web designer have is making the website work for firefox, internet explorer, google chrome, safari, etc. So why waste your time with someone else, I know your made of money. I know my stuff web design is a hobby. I I'm a master of networking, computer repair and everything that has to do with a computer. Thanks for stopping by will try to update this site if i ever get a break from computer repair. Sincerly yours, Jim!

Web sites for sale.

Currently sold out.

So feel free to give me a call @ 541-994-SURF

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