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Is Google really penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly?

Beginning April 21, 2015, Google will start ranking websites optimized for mobile users higher than sites it deems as unfriendly to mobile users. This means your search ranking could be at risk. I can help you mobilize your website and retain / improve your search rankings on Google.

What does this mean for you and your custom built website?

If your website is not responsive, and / or you do not have a mobile version of your website, your site will not be returned in organic search rankings as frequently, or in the same position, as web similar sites that are responsive, or have a mobile version.

What is the deal with a Mobile Website?

Google is responding to the exponential increase in mobile web searches. Mobile usage of the internet grew by 70% last year. For Google to remain effective, it must quickly take its users to sites that work effectively on any device.

How can you tell if you have a mobile website?

If you’re not sure if your website is responsive and friendly for mobile devices, shoot me an email or give me a call. Or you can also check out with google here is not the time to ignore your website. I have hundreds of satisfied clients with mobile websites in Lincoln City, Newport, and all over the Oregon Coast!

What google say’s about mobile websites design

3 thoughts on “Mobile website designer in Lincoln city, and Newport Oregon!

  1. ryan

    can you look at my mobile site and tell me why its not working? I do have wordpress and the guy who set it up said i don’t need to worry about it but it doesn’t pass the mobile test?

    1. website design Post author

      yes sorry its been busy allot of updates with mobile. But it passed all test and your mobile website is up and working on all devices. Have a good one jim


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