D river on the Oregon coast in lincoln city. Salmon were running today here are just a few pics, hard to take with the glare! Any way email me if you would like the full resolution image just include the id by the watermark deweysdesign.com. Also speaking of fishing, do you need a universal fishing rod holder? check out this rod holder out, mkstacklesystems.com.

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  1. Shannon and Jeff

    Crazy! We saw them jumpin’ too….kind of ironic…I was eating salmon at Kyllos while watching the salmon jump…nomnomnom

  2. Phillip Roberts

    That was outstanding!!! Thank You

  3. Char Arneson

    My sister, Sue Poling shared the link to your pictures on Facebook yesterday and I have really enjoyed viewing all 25 of them and sharing them with my co-workers. Great photos under the sunny conditions. Thank you.

  4. I was there too! if i would of had one of there “on sale wetsuits” from the OSS i could of got some live video in the river, it was COLD!

  5. tom

    Looks cool great looking website 2!

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