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D river on the oregon coast salmon running

D river on the Oregon coast in lincoln city. Salmon were running today here are just a few pics, hard to take with the glare! Any way email me if you would like the full resolution image just include the id by the watermark deweysdesign.com. Also speaking of fishing, do you need a universal fishing rod holder? check out this rod holder out, mkstacklesystems.com.

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Complete Website Design in Lincoln city Oregon in notepad!

Complete Website Design in Lincoln city Oregon in notepad!

Check this complete custom website done using notepad, no cheating here. No templates or theme’s were used in the creation of this website design. All codes and style sheet was done using notepad! it has a issues in internet 7 but who use’s that anymore it still works in ie7! This custom website was built in request for something simple and earth tone colors. Sense it was a simple custom website i figured i would build it in notepad tricky tricky..(minus the gallery.) Tell me what u think? there is screen shot below or do a search for “Lincoln city hair salon” she at the top!

lincoln city moblie website

New Custom Mobile Website for Dewey’s Design

I have a bunch of custom mobile website designs to pick from but you can make your current website work on a cell phone too with Mobile analytics, AdSence, WordPress and blogger integration too. Here is a quick one i did in ten minutes check it out! Click Here to check it out!