2014 Lincoln City Best Fantasy Football League “the nutts”

The left and right nut  is now ready to rock!

Are you man enough to try to beat the mighty ITCH?

Taking applications for the 2014 left and right nutt fantasy football league! We are going to have two online draft both are going to be timed. So if your live in Washington or Ohio you have no excuse to make it. I know its always overwhelming to show up and be destroyed by the might itch every year! But i have faith that this year I will be victorious in both leagues.

IM TAKING Paypal, cash, money orders, or checks. You can send paypal to godfatherslim007@yahoo.com add 4 bucks for paypal fees. (no sense of ruining my big payout this year!) checks send to my address listed on my website: http://www.jimmyriggedcomputers.com/

also make sure you post your team name below too!

P.S. yahoo email SUCKS I respond quicker with gmail so use the email form on by business website. just search “Lincoln city computer repair” and you will see me at the top of the page, just like in fantasy football. If you like type as much smack as u can below..

also good luck, your going to need it going up against the all mighty ITCH!

Offical Place for websitedesign.support

Official Place for http://websitedesign.support

websitedesign.support on deweys design will it work?

yes you heard it from me one of the first people to get some of godaddy’s premium domain names http://websitedesign.support will see how it works out on google, yahoo, and Bing. but for now when you type in websitedesign.support it goes to deweysdesign.com. We will see how nice it will play with deweys custom website designs .com

Can your local Website designers do this?

Make sure local Website designers has the ability to create Mobile re-directions and or different custom style sheets for your main website..

With the web always changing make sure you have confidence in your website designer to have the knowledge to keep up. Just recently i did a switch to a new hosting company. Five days of hell talking with those guys and trying new things “I” figured it out. The new web host witch i will leave nameless, some how cannot handle a hta access on the primary acct and only on the sub accts. (it was cpanel to!!!) Had to redo my whole custom website so it can work on mobile devices and or regular screens. But there servers are fast will go into that later.

Web designers that can only do WordPress / joombla

90 percent of the website designers on the market today can only handle wordpress and joomla! Both automatically change with the mobile device on hand. I do not mind either one. And can easily do either one in minutes! Out of the many free html editors out there, are not just easy and cheap to build. (usually a word press website should only cost around $240 dollars with hosting.) But they constantly lose page credit with google, yahoo, and or bing. This blog is done with wordpress and it took longer to type the text than to code this site.

Deweys Design changing for one sql host to another!

Another key point to make sure of your web designer, can he or she handle sql database tables and other aspects of the server. When i started the switch to the new webhost i already have a mobile website developed. Witch the mobile website was completely unique in its own way, but the new host could not handle it. Changing the style sheet of the old website seem to work with all the devices out there and was easy and more reliable on the web! The host was then able to handle it and deploy it for the web to enjoy.

Speed test on Deweys Design before and after the transfer.

Here are just a couple of screenshots of the new server diffidently seam to run quicker. Maybe cause the hta was gone and or nothing is on the host yet. But i did do videos of the transfer, and will try to upload them to youtube when i get caught up.. Thanks for swinging by, later![one_fourth_first]webdesigner speed test on old webhost Screen screen of speed test on old host! [/one_fourth_first] [one_fourth_last] speed test of website designers blog on old hostSpeed test on old host with the best web designer on the coast website blog! [/one_fourth_last] [one_fourth_first]speed test for web designers home page New hosting server speed test with designers home page. [/one_fourth_first] [one_fourth_last] website designers blog on new serverDesigners website blog speed test on new server. [/one_fourth_last]


Need help with a mobile redirect or a custom style sheet?

Feel free to send me what you got can take a look at it and see. If you looked at my primary
website you will understand my style sheets are whacked. And im looking forward to the
challenge, see why other website designers hire deweys design. [/full]

Kiteboarding the salmon river?

Kite boarding the salmon river (down winder the river)? didn’t go as plan should of had a bigger kite. Gave it a go until i was losing ground and went around the bluff and now my kite is drying by the wood stove.

OK images went as follow:

1st wishing i had a bigger kite – 2nd ok maybe there is enough wind – 3rd i like swimming – 4th jelly fish – 5th walk of shame – And finally I’m glad I’m drying out my 9 meter and not my 17!

[rev_slider kite]

Oregon custom mobile websites and apps

Oregon custom websites and apps deal for the month of December. Free A complete mobile custom website with the purchase of a normal website. Dewey’s design, the dc-lab are merging together for the holidays to better help Oregon locals get there name out there with the best price and quality on the internet today! Please note we will crush any price out there and our websites are completely custom or if you prefer a word press or joomla you name it we can do it. Hosting plans, domain names, apps (with jimmy rigged) and transfers all provided! thanks for the visit and happy holidays.

D river on the oregon coast salmon running

D river on the Oregon coast in lincoln city. Salmon were running today here are just a few pics, hard to take with the glare! Any way email me if you would like the full resolution image just include the id by the watermark deweysdesign.com. Also speaking of fishing, do you need a universal fishing rod holder? check out this rod holder out, mkstacklesystems.com.

[rev_slider fishy]


Complete Website Design in Lincoln city Oregon in notepad!

Complete Website Design in Lincoln city Oregon in notepad!

Check this complete custom website done using notepad, no cheating here. No templates or theme’s were used in the creation of this website design. All codes and style sheet was done using notepad! it has a issues in internet 7 but who use’s that anymore it still works in ie7! This custom website was built in request for something simple and earth tone colors. Sense it was a simple custom website i figured i would build it in notepad tricky tricky..(minus the gallery.) Tell me what u think? there is screen shot below or do a search for “Lincoln city hair salon” she at the top!